dolomites elopement with three locations

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Kailee & Evan

mountain hut elopement

Photographers: Blitzkneisser
Wedding Planner: Jlenia Costner
Music: Sophie Rabanser
Location: Büllelejoch Hütte



mountain hut elopement in the dolomites 

How do you start an unforgettable elopement in the Dolomites?
For example – Of course, get ready in Alpen Testen Hotel, where Kailee and Evan have rented a room for their big day.

The magic began with a first look in the hotel hall, setting the stage for an extraordinary experience. Awaiting them was an Elicos helicopter, ready to sweep them away from the field adjacent to the hotel. A brief flight later, the Three Peaks and the encompassing Dolomites unfolded before their eyes, leading to a gentle landing at a charming mountain hut.


In the vicinity of the hut, a quest for an intimate setting led us to a secluded spot on a small rocky outcrop—a perfect stage for the breathtaking ceremony. Picture saying “YES” to the love of your life amidst the Dolomites, with the iconic Three Peaks as your witness.
The ceremony, adorned with emotional words and accompanied by the enchanting music of Sophie, marked a pivotal moment that deserved celebration.


And celebrate they did! Beyond the traditional bottle of Prosecco, the newlyweds were treated to beer and schnapps at the hut, creating a joyous atmosphere.
With satisfied stomachs and jubilant spirits, the journey continued to another awe-inspiring location, ensuring every moment of the elopement was captured in both photo and film.


As the sun began its descent, a landing on the south side of the Marmolada at 3343m awaited—an iconic peak and the sole glacier in the Dolomites.
Basking in the final rays of sunshine, Kailee & Evan’s love story unfolded against this stunning backdrop, celebrating until the last glimmer of daylight.

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