Stefanie Aichner

ciao, my name is Stefanie

No Matter The Weather.

„A girl with her head in the clouds, passionated for the little things in live, maybe sometimes a little too dreamy but always up for a new adventure.“ That‘s probably how my boyfriend would describe me. And I probably I can‘t disagree. Yes I can be very passionated when it comes to dreaming and emotions, that’s why I’m very thankful that with film as an art form I’ve found the perfect outlet to express this part of myself. I live, work and dream together with my boyfriend (who is also filmmaker btw) either in Merano (South Tyrol, Italy) or somewhere on the road in our little Camper Van called „Spinatspatzl“. I know exactly what it feels like to love someone so deeply and truly, so I can empathize easily with couples that decide to have an intimate elopement somewhere in the wilderness.

„No matter the gender, no matter the ’normal’, no matter other expectations, no matter the weather! There is so much that doesn`t matter, creating loads of space for YOU to matter. What matters is your love and your day and the promise you give to each other.“

What’s important to me: To feel a connection between the couple and myself, that they like and have trust in what I’m doing. Just then they can let go, forget everything around them and feel the intimacy between the two of them. What’s not important to me: Whether there’s a wedding cake or not, whether wearing Gucci shoes or being barefoot, wether there’s rain or sunshine. It all doesn’t really matter. And do you know why? Because this here is not just about this one day, oh no, not at all, it is not about the perfectly styled wedding day, it is about so much more! With my videos I want to tell stories. Real stories – no fairy tales.

My stories are about lovers who may not always have had good times, who have not always been perfect, but who, even if no one else can explain it, cannot help but say yes to each other.

This is for you. Because your stories are real and worth telling.


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