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if not now then when

A whole year full of excitement, of up and downs, of organization and planning and a tingly feeling in the tummy when thinking of that big day when they finally say yes to eachother! And then, a couple of weeks before that dream coming to reality, that one virus comes along and makes that that dream plopping like a fragile bubble, making it burst and vanish, forcing you to cancel and postpone it to who knows when.

what to you say to a elopement.
Just you and your partner, in your all time favorite location. on the peek of a mountain, at the shore of a lake. You decide, it’s your very personal and
unique adventure. It’s free of stress no long guest lists and big organizations. Just the two of you and the promise you give eachother, without the need of any witnesses.
„But i want my family and friends to share this special moment with!“
We hear you saying.
And of course we do understand that partying and sharing this special moment with your beloved ones is a big part of a wedding too. But we haven’t finished explaining our idea yet. Ok, so you’re having the perfect day on top of the mountain surrounded by nature and wilderness and of course you’d like to have your family and friends see you there in that beautiful dress, flying in the wind, and the tears in your partners eyes when you read him your vow. We absolutely understand that you’d want your best friend and your grandma to see this!! So we’ll make that possible for you. We’ll document that day for you, creating photos and videos to show them to your friends and family afterwards. To tell your grandchildren someday that your
ove was stronger than that fucking virus (but pls don’t use that word in front of your grand children). Second part of the plan: afterwards, when law lets us again meet in bigger company, why not have a big party with all your beloved ones to show them the video and photos as a premiere and have the second essential part of the wedding then!
So here’s to all you rebel lovers, let’s show that damn virus that love still is and has always been the strongest one of all.
And if not even this whole Covid-crisis can tear you apart and keep you from getting married, then no other power in this world will ever be able to!
Let’s kick that virus one in the ass and not überhand gewinnen.
Write us if you like that idea! We are happy to help with organizing and documenting that day for you. Imagine that.


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